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christian aidChristian Aid’s partner in Burundi is AgriBusiness Services (ABS) which teaches farmers the specialist agriculture knowledge they need to help increase the amount of crops they can grow and to boost their earnings.

Burundi has the right conditions to grow some of the best quality coffee in the world.

ABS shows farmers how to grow quality coffee plants and, by unlocking this natural potential gives farmers the opportunity to escape poverty.

Bonaventure is one of the Burundian farmers who has benefited from ABS training.

He has more than doubled his coffee harvest. ‘Before I got the training I was getting around seven or eight tonnes of coffee beans’,  says Bonaventure. ‘but after the training I got 20 tonnes!’

The extra income Bonaventure earned from his crop has allowed him to send his children to school and improve his home.

There will be leaflets in our churches giving more details and explaining how to support the Bishop’s Harvest Appeal.

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