Prayer and Pastoral Work
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FIVE PARISHESWe encourage prayer in the Fellside Team. In addition to your own private prayers, we have four options to help with prayer in the Team:

Daily Prayer: There is prayer at 7.45am in one of the churches of the Fellside Team each weekday. You are welcome to join us. The pattern is as follows:

Monday - St Eadmer, Bleasdale

Tuesday - St Lawrence, Barton

Wednesday - St Hilda, Bilsborrow

Thursday - St Mary, Goosnargh

Friday - St James, Whitechapel

Prayer Cards: These are in racks at the back of each church containing Prayer Cards. When you go visiting as many of us do, please take a card with you, and give it to the person you are visiting. Each card contains a Bible Verse and a Prayer, and is a reminder of your visit as a member of the Church.

Prayer Corners: In each Church in the Fellside Team, visible from the entrance is a place where you can, if you wish, write a prayer request. These are open for people to see and to include them in their own prayers. In some of the churches these cards are brought to the altar in the Eucharist as a symbol of our prayer for your concern.

The Bible Readings for this Month are available to view - Please CLICK HERE

Prayer Circle: This is for those times when you want something prayed for urgently; perhaps someone you know has had an accident or been taken into hospital. There are contacts in each parish for the Prayer Circle, and if you can't get one, try one of the others. They are:

St Lawrence, Barton:
Alma Hort: 01772 864677 or

St Hilda, Bilsborrow:
Val Eland: 01772 724963 or
David Hodgkinson: 01995 603641

St Eadmer, Bleasdale:
Ann Berry: 07471 750776 or
Freda Parker: 01524 791068

St Mary, Goosnargh:
David Maddocks: 01772 865459

St James, Whitechapel:
Mary Curwen: 01995 603644

Pastoral Visiting Team: The Pastoral Visiting Team works with our Clergy in the pastoral care for the Team. They are willing to make visits if you know people who are ill or housebound. They are also available to take referrals either for visits or for prayer. Initially the Pastoral Visiting Team comprises:

Barton: Joan Levey 01772 864748

Bilsborrow: Maureen Campbell 01995 604206
or Sheena Hornby 01995 640972

Bleasdale: Freda Parker 01524 791068

Goosnargh: Delphine Burn 01772 865487

Whitechapel: Audrey Brennand 01995 640554
or Doreen Smart 01772 783865

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