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"View from the Study ..."

meadowHere we are again at that beautiful time of year, when we can sense new life emerging and the longer, warmer days encourage us to look up and out. It’s that time of year when we are faced with mountains of Easter Eggs, Easter bunnies and Easter chicks everywhere we look.

This will be my first Fellside Easter and after a roller coaster year it seems to me the message of Easter is more important and more profound than ever. If this last year has shown us anything it has shown the stark reality that Easter Day cannot be separated from Holy Week, no matter how hard we try.

It is right that we celebrate the amazing service of health and social care staff and the successful development and roll out of a vaccine. But we must not forget or dismiss the tragic deaths of so many or the devasting impact of the pandemic on the world’s economy and the associated suffering being endured by so many as a consequence.

The Christian faith is neither one of deepest despair at sin and the horror of what it does in human lives, nor is it a constant celebration of God’s love and saving power.

We need to recognise and embrace both. Jesus’ death without his resurrection is simply another tragic and untimely death. Something we have witnessed all too often over the last year, Equally, resurrection without recognising the cost paid by Jesus in both the manner of his death and its reality diminishes the profound and unique sacrifice made by God in order to restore our relationship with Him.

Jesus Christ died and rose from the grave for you and me!

Lets give thanks with grateful and humble hearts.


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