August 2022

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It's a small world! ....

It’s a small world, today that saying is more true than ever. We can travel across the world in a matter of hours, we can watch events live by satellite from another country. Someone who has moved to another country can still follow their team and get commentary via internet radio.

All can bring great blessing, but we could also say that all this brings new responsibilities and demands. “Who is my neighbour,” Jesus is asked, he responds with the parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) which is saying in answer to the question, that my neighbour is anyone and everyone.

All that time ago that challenge must have seemed daunting enough, today it is massive, for suddenly people in every country has become a concern. Every disaster becomes our disaster, everyone our neighbour.

When floods strike we know about it instantly, when a gunman opens fire in a shopping centre in Denmark we know about it, when a famine strikes somewhere we know about it.

Pictures of hungry children confront us as we sit down to our meal of plenty, we see the plight of the homeless as we sit in the warmth and comfort of our homes, we see the poor as we enjoy a decent standard of living. All these are our neighbours in todays small world. There is a saying that charity begins at home but it cannot end there. By ourselves of course we cannot put all the worlds wrongs to right, nor respond to every place of need, but neither can we turn our backs and pretend that they are none of our business.

“Which of these,” said Jesus in his parable, “is a neighbour to this person?” “The one who showed mercy,” came the answer. “Go and do likewise,” came the challenge. Part of that challenge is that no one can respond to every need but is there a situation in which you can make a difference?

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