Rev'd Garry Whittaker

Rev'd Garry Whittaker

I was ordained in 1991 after training at St. John’s Theological College Nottingham. I was Curate at Christ Church Denton (with St. George: Dane Bank) from 1991-1995. I then moved to Holy Trinity: Waterhead: Oldham as Priest-in- Charge 1995-2005. I then became Team Rector of Bacup and Stacksteads from 2005-2015. I became Team Vicar of the Fellside Team in September 2015.

Within the team I am responsible for St. Hilda, Bilsborrow and St. James Whitechapel. I am Chaplain to Myerscough College and Chaplain to Butler’s Farmhouse Cheeses (Inglewhite.)

I am married to Deborah and we both share an interest in music (rock/pop.) We enjoy going to concerts and also watching them on DVD.

I have a life-long interest in Rugby League, supporting my home town team Leigh. My other team is Rochdale Hornets, I was chaplain to the club before my move here to the Fellside.

I also enjoy body boarding on holiday and recommend Croyde Bay in Devon.

I play the guitar and sometimes use it in the services, I also play bass and enjoyed being part of the music group during my time at Bacup.

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