Revd Dr Susan Salt

Revd Dr Susan Salt

I was ordained in 2019 at Blackburn Cathedral after training part time with All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry, based at the University of Chester.

Prior to ordination I was a doctor specialising in palliative care (care of adults and children with life-limiting illnesses).

I am married to Neil who is the vicar of the parish of Grimsargh. We have two adult children.

I enjoy crafts, particularly embroidery and knitting as well as walking in the hills.

And a thought……

You matter

No one can take your place, there is only one of you,

Only one of you with your talents, experiences and gifts.

You are unique and a vital part of every community you inhabit

It doesn’t matter what you have been, the mistakes you have made,

All that belongs in the past and you belong in the here and now.

Celebrate who you are and all the gifts you have been given.

Nourish the potential that is within you.

Not for its own sake, but for the sake of the broken and hurting.

Not so we can become arrogant or self-satisfied but so we can serve.

So we can humbly walk alongside those who are in pain, lost and afraid.

For no one can take your place; there is only one of you.

Use your talents, your experiences, your gifts to be the best you can be.

The best you can be for yourself, for your family and for the community we live in.

For you are unique and a vital part of this life and this world.

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