• July 2020
    Sunday, 28 June 2020 11:04

    "View from the Study ..."NHS

    What a difference a few weeks make! I am back in Grimsargh after seven weeks in a holiday flat in Blackpool. I am looking out over the field in front of the Vicarage in Grimsargh ....

  • July 2020
    Sunday, 28 June 2020 10:55

    "Lockdown, Changes and The Fellside Focus Magazine ...."

    It’s been very strange times for us all with so much of what take for granted suddenly stopped; add to that a whole new raft of things we’ve had to take on to keep ourselves and each other as safe as can be ....

  • July 2020
    Wednesday, 10 June 2020 09:37

    "Regrets and Misunderstandings ..."

    Each of us reading these words will no doubt at some time have said something we immediately regret. This could have been some flippant comment ....

  • June 2020
    Monday, 01 June 2020 10:04

    "Lockdown and Coronavirus ...."

    I’m sure that, like me, this whole Coronavirus lock-down is getting a bit tedious and you wish it could all be over, that we could just get back to how things were before .....

  • May 2020
    Monday, 18 May 2020 14:46

    "After John the Baptist ..."

    We read in Scripture (Matthew 14:1-12) that after John the Baptist had been put to death and his friends had buried his body they then went and told Jesus. No doubt, they poured their hearts out to him ....

  • April 2020
    Thursday, 12 March 2020 10:30

    "Easter Challenges ..."

    During the Second World War an R.A.F. bomber flying a mission over Germany was hit by flak. Members of the crew were injured and the aircraft was badly damaged and losing height all too fast ....

  • April 2020
    Thursday, 12 March 2020 10:23

    "View from the Study ..."

    Whilst we were having an Indian meal as a family a while ago, Neil broke a poppadom only to find that the piece which fell onto the table was in the perfect shape of a dove ...

  • March 2020
    Monday, 24 February 2020 15:14

    "Light up the Fire ...."

    When I was a child we had a bonfire place in the garden, in part to deal with the garden waste, but also because on a Saturday we’d quite often have tea around the bonfire .....