September 2018

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"For He Himself is our Peace ...."

Dear Friends,

A few years ago there was a TV show called Hill Street Blues, a rough tough fictional cops and robbers series. In the show people are seen as vulnerable, reaching for what is right, often failing but always hoping. One show ended with the capture of a group of violent men. One detective is happy. “That’s that, we’ve nailed them” he says, the other detective sees a bit deeper, he replies “Yes, but where do you put the hate?”

What was he to do with the violence of his own feelings towards the criminals, or to the society that produces them? What was he to do with the anger, the hurt, which was pulling him this way and that?

That is a key question for anyone to ask. We hide the hate, the anger, we gloss over it, hoping it will go away. But it’s still there, it may be covered up, but it bubbles to the surface at the slightest provocation, from an apparently bottomless pit.

Where do you put it all? The answer is in Paul’s words in Ephesians 2:14 “For Jesus is himself our peace, he has made us one, and in his own body he has broken down the enmity.” But, there is still a problem, we can accept the truth of those words, that Jesus took the anger, including mine and did away with it. The trouble is, it’s a long time dying. It can still kick and struggle whenever we are hurt or frustrated.

The reality of honest Christian living can be hard to face. We often try and sometimes succeed in, deceiving ourselves that everything is fine, until the crunch comes. The war’s won, but the battle’s not over. Yet Jesus is our peace, the source of life and strength. He is ready to add a little more love into our life whenever we let him help us squeeze out a little more of the hate. It is a struggle, but we know he will help us keep up the battle.

With every blessing,


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