February 2021

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"Which three words sum up 2020 for you?"

A recent article in the Church of England newspaper started by asking, “Which three words sum up 2020 for you?" The writer of the article came up with unpredictable, lament and blessed. Someone else known to the writer stated, friends, absence and yearning. What words would you choose? No doubt for many there has been a great deal of loss, sorrow and suffering.

It is important to acknowledge the difficult things before moving forward but I suppose the question then needs to be asked of how to move on with the rest of 2021. We cannot just return to normal and blot out everything that has happened. In all this there is perhaps an invitation to change, but it is difficult to make plans with things still in a state of flux.

In the current situation at the time of writing, things could get worse before they get better. The Advent theme of watch and wait is still relevant. Waiting can seem passive, but that is not how the Bible means us to wait. Waiting in the Biblical sense is about living faithfully, getting on with doing what Christians have always been called to do, being a light in the darkness, showing what it means to love God.

In the New Testament, Paul describes the fruit of the Spirit and contrasts this with the old life that has been left behind. “Put off…..” he says in Colossians 3 but goes on to say what we should put on, “Compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience.” Life in Christ is positive, constructive and wholesome, qualities that should be attractive to a weary and frightened world.

What could the world be like if we followed this pattern come what may? Yes, reflect on what has been and then commit the past to the Lord and ask for the Spirit’s strength to live hopefully each day going forward.

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