Lent 2019

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"One of the traditional themes of Lent is temptation ..."


One of the traditional themes of Lent is temptation. This theme is usually tackled on the first Sunday of Lent with the reading from the Gospels regarding the temptations of Jesus. Each time he responded to the challenges with the words, “It is written.” This shows the importance of knowing the Scriptures and the promises they contain when we too try to resist temptation and the things that can drag us down so easily and which often threaten our relationship with God and others.

A man decides that he needs to lose a few pounds and go on a diet. He informs his colleagues at the office that he will no longer be bringing doughnuts each day. He knew it would be hard to resist stopping at the bakery on the way to work, but he was determined to remain strong and resist temptation. His colleagues were surprised one morning to see him arrive at the office with a big box of doughnuts. When they reminded him of his diet, he just smiled.

“These are very special doughnuts,” he explained. “When I left for the office this morning, I knew I was going to drive by the bakery, and I wondered if maybe the Lord might want me to have some doughnuts today. I wasn’t sure, so I prayed, Lord if you want me to stop and buy some doughnuts, let there be a parking space in front of the bakery. As you know, parking spaces in front of the bakery are very hard to get.”

“So, the parking space was there?” one of his colleagues said. “Well,” he replied, “It was a miracle, the eighth time round, there it was.”

When it comes to dealing with those things that tempt us, we often have the same attitude as that man with his doughnuts. We enjoy them so much, we don’t really want to give them up. Old habits, as the saying goes, die hard. Is there something that you are struggling with? Is there something that you know needs to go? If so, look to God’s promises in the Bible. Say along with Jesus, “It is written.” Trust him to help. He makes all the difference in helping us to drive by the bakery without stopping,

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