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"God's ways are not our ways ..."


When Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it my way,” he was not simply singing for himself. The song’s popularity shows that its sentiments have struck a chord with many who recognise that streak of proud independence as running through them too. I have heard of people wanting this played at a funeral service in recognition of their loved ones independent spirit as they went through life doing things their own way. To be honest, I always feel that this is a “slap in the face” to God… “Who’s bothered about what you want and think, I’ll do it my way.”

The words of the prophet Isaiah (55:9) challenge this all too human approach. God’s ways he says are not our ways. We may like to be self-sufficient and pay our way in life but we tend to make unwise choices and squander our resources on something that does not deliver the goods. Money and energy spent, we are left empty hearted and spiritually hungry.

Mercifully, God is not a shopkeeper but a generous host who invites us to his banquet free of charge. No one is excluded from his kingdom through lack of purchasing power. God feeds us with what we cannot provide ourselves: forgiveness, fullness of life, a restoration of dignity and renewed hope.

However, whilst there is no cost, there are conditions. We need to declare our spiritual bankruptcy and acknowledge our dependence, to let go of insisting on having things on our own terms and receive a pardon we have not paid for. We are Gods guests not his customers,

All this is no small thing, down the ages God’s people have had to learn this lesson repeatedly. Though he calls us to leave the illusory security of our self-sufficiency, God himself does not change. His ways may be beyond our grasp but his love is unfailing.

With every blessing,
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