November 2018

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"A Godly Lifestyle ...."

Dear Friends,

As I wrote last time, we have been going through the letter to the Ephesians during our Sunday services throughout the Fellside Team so I continue with some thoughts from this series. In chapter 5 we are called to live for God and to be imitators of him just as children follow after the patterns seen in their parents. So what are these patterns that a Godly lifestyle would include?

 - Living in love, which would indicate that we give ourselves sacrificially for the benefit of others, just as Jesus has done for us (v2)

 - Doing away with selfish pursuits such as self- seeking immorality and ruthless greed (vv 3, 5)

 - Replacing filthy talk, flippant chatter, and unkind jesting with communication rooted in thanksgiving to God and affirmation of others (vv 4, 20)

 - Exercising discernment about what we are told so as not to be susceptible to deceivers and trickery from others (vv. 6-7 15)

 - Bowing out from situations that are not honouring to God and his ways (vv. 11-12)

 - Managing our time well (v. 16)

We need to allow these patterns of Godliness to affect our own lives before using them to evaluate others (Matthew: 7: 1-6) much food for thought then from Ephesians chapter 5.

With every blessing,

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