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July 2018
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"Christ's strength ...."

As a singer she worked hard, playing at New York’s Carnegie Hall, she worked hard for success, hiring a vocal guide to help with ....

June 2018
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Gods love

"God watches over us ...."

In one particular tribe in India it was the custom that on a boy’s 13th birthday he had to spend the night on his own in the depths of the jungle ....

May 2018
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Christ died

"Christ suffered for us ...."

I recently read about a lady in Birmingham who had spent the whole day craving her favourite treat at the city’s German market: a grilled frankfurter hot dog. She decided that she would get one and eat it on the way to church.

April 2018
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love demonstrated

"Christ died for us ...."

American teacher Susan Willson won the Texas Science Teacher of the year award in 1995. This chemistry teacher had an explosive motto: “If I can make a point with an explosion, I do.” One of her colleagues, Al Balmer .....

March 2018
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2 Corinthians 13 v 5

"Examine your faith...."

As I write this my car as not long since been returned from the garage after having its M.O.T. When a car is over three years old it needs to be checked over and given an M.O.T. certificate which tells us that everything is in good working order and that it is fit to be on the road. No matter how old a car happens to be, even if it’s not old enough for an M.O.T. ......