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This was restored in the 1990’s in memory of Mr. Richard and Mrs Clare Silcock, thanks to the benefaction of Mr. And Mrs. Peter Duckworth, the then owners of the Bleasdale Estate.

Also in the 1990’s we gained the present electronic organ, to replace the one that was originally in the space to the left of the chancel.  Both the Silcock and Duckworth families have been generous benefactors and supporters of the church over the years.

Most recently a bequest from the late Marian Silcock has enabled us to remove the concrete rendering that covered the outside walls of the church since the 1930’s, returning it to its original stone finish, completely redecorate the inside and lay new red carpet, fix the roof and install new heating.

The Church has always had a close relationship with the owners of the Bleasdale Estate, going right back to the days of the Parkinsons of the 16th century.  Mr. Garnett, who held the estate in the latter part of the 19th and early part of the 20th century, was a philanthropist who built on his Estate a Reformatory for boys who were in trouble with the law. The boys were marched to church each Sunday, where they occupied the gallery, and some of their names can still be seen carved into the back of the pews, although how they secreted such sharp knives does not bear thinking about. A considerable number of unmarked graves of those who died in custody are under the yew tree at the north west end of the churchyard.

The Church lost its resident Vicar in 1921 and is now part of the Fellside Team,, which joins together with the churches of Whitechapel, Goosnargh, Bilsborrow and Barton.  A list of those who have been vicars at either Admarsh-in-Bleasdale or St. Eadmer’s up to 1921 is as follows:

1749-1764 John Penny (also vicar of Whitechapel)

1764-1767 John Braithwaite

1767-1778 Thomas Smith

1778-1825 Joseph Stuart (a schoolmaster of Garstang)

1825-1828 James Bleasdale

1828-1833 Osborne Littledale

1833-1837 William Fenton

1837-1846 James Robinson

1846-1851 Henry Short

1851-1855 David Bell

1855-1864 William Shilleto

1864-1891 Robert Barclay (buried in the churchyard)

1891-1918 John Parker