Page 8 - CofE Advice on Funerals
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        you are

        It’s so diffi cult not being able to go
        to a funeral. But God is very close
        to you at this time and always.
        Take a moment wherever you
        are to think about the person
        who has died and all that they
        meant to you.
        Dear God
        Thank you for [name] and for all
        they meant to me and to others.
        I so wanted to say goodbye,
        to be alongside my friends
        and family.
        Help me to know
        that you are there,
        holding all my hopes,
        holding all I love,
        especially [name]
        and holding me this day.
        Be close with your peace
        and hope.
         You could also light a candle
         in memory of the person
         you are thinking of, either at
         home or online using this link:
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