Page 3 - CofE Advice on Funerals
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Now give thanks to God for their life and ask        (or)
         for strength for yourself and those who grieve.      Our Father, who art in heaven,
                                                              hallowed be thy name;
         Dear God,                                            thy kingdom come;

         thank you for N,                                     thy will be done;
         and for all that he/she meant to me and to           on earth as it is in heaven.
         others.                                              Give us this day our daily bread.
         I so wanted to say goodbye.                          And forgive us our trespasses,
         Help me to know you are there,                       as we forgive those who trespass against us.
         holding all my hopes,                                And lead us not into temptation;

         holding all those I love, especially N,              but deliver us from evil.
         and holding me this day too.                         For thine is the kingdom,
         Be close to us all this day with your peace          the power and the glory,
         and hope.                                            for ever and ever.

         Heavenly Father,                                     Now pray this prayer, which is used at the end
         you have not made us for darkness and death,         of the funeral service to say goodbye.
         but for life with you for ever.
         Without you we have nothing to hope for;             God our creator and redeemer,
         with you we have nothing to fear.                    by your power Christ conquered death

         Speak to us now your words of eternal life.          and entered into glory.
         Lift us to the light and peace of your presence,     Confident of his victory
         and set the glory of your love before us today:      and claiming his promises,

         through Jesus Christ our Lord.                       we entrust N to your mercy
                                                              in the name of Jesus our Lord,
                                                              who died and is alive
         Now say the Lord’s Prayer
                                                              and reigns with you,
                                                              now and for ever.
         Our Father in heaven,                                Amen.
         hallowed be your name,
         your kingdom come,
         your will be done,                                     To finish you might like to light a candle on-
                                                                line at
         on earth as in heaven.                                 candle
         Give us today our daily bread.                         Help and support are available for you
         Forgive us our sins                                    during this time, and in the future.
         as we forgive those who sin against us.                Go to
         Lead us not into temptation                            events/funerals for details of how to

         but deliver us from evil.                              contact your local church, find help in your
         For the kingdom, the power,                            bereavement and remembering.
         and the glory are yours
         now and for ever.

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